About The Birds’ Bistro

Welcome to the Home of the Birds’ Bistro, Cumbria’s premier Wild Bird and Red Squirrel feeding specialists.

Our Passion for birds

We produce our own unique blends of seed, all hand mixed on our premises to provide your birds with the widest choice of feed, created to attract the greatest variety of birds to your garden.  We supply bird boxes suitable for all our garden species as well as every conceivable type of feeder!

Ingredients for our bird food mixes

We source the finest ingredients from around the world and combine them in mixes  designed for  bird tables and feeders and for  the specific needs of different species. We have spent years perfecting our mixes and do not use cheap bulking agents like some suppliers who will pack up to 60%  of their mixes with wheat that most garden species will not eat and ends up as waste or rodent feast!
Our mixes therefore represent quality and value for money.


For other wildlife

We also sell a wide variety of products to attract other wildlife too, from bats, bees, butterflies and bugs, to hedgehogs and ladybirds.

Feeding Red Squirrels

We are active supporters of red squirrel conservation and carry mixed feeds specially formulated on advice from experts, along with hazelnuts and other treats to attract these wonderful creatures into your garden