The Birds’ Bistro – Charities we support

Penrith and District Red Squirrel Group are a volunteer led red squirrel conservation group that exists to promote the conservation of the red squirrel population in their natural habitat within Penrith and district and their protection from extinction. The Group also advance education and conduct research concerning the red squirrel population. The excellent work of the group and its members has help to ensure that Red Squirrel populations have a fighting chance to survive in Cumbria and remain part of our national heritage.

Westmorland Red Squirrel Group   The Group came into being to raise awareness of the threats to red squirrels. The Group work with members and volunteers, local communities, other groups and conservation organisations to eliminate these threats and help ensure red squirrels remain an intrinsic and valued part of our landscape, enhancing biodiversity and sustaining our cultural heritage for generations to come.

Song Bird Survival is an independent UK wide environmental bird Charity funding direct research into the reasons behind the decline in British Song Bird numbers funded entirely by membership subscriptions, gifts and donations. By understanding the reasons for species decline which are often complex and due to more than one factor alone, the Charity helps inform workable strategies for recovery and long term futures for our birds.

National Trust The Trust is responsible for managing and caring for some of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes in our Native Cumbria and home region where we are involved in the supply of wild bird and red squirrel feed and advising on feeding strategies to a large number of Trust properties.