The Bat Rack is a simple yet very effective solution to offering free hanging bat species a convenient roosting point.
The construction of the bat rack consists of rough sawn FSC certified timber, with untreated timber batons spaced to allow bats of the same species to rest comfortably. The Bat Rack has been tested by TV naturalist Simon King and the results are stunning. The bats love it as they rest as close to or as far apart from each other as they choose.
The Bat Rack comes with pre-drilled countersunk holes to make attaching the Bat Rack to any roof space a simple and speedy task. The Bat Rack can be sited in any roof space where bats have uninterrupted access. It is best positioned following the angle of a gable, but could be used in a flat roof also.
Each panel measures 285 mm x 285 mm and multiple panels can be sited alongside each other to increase the roosting potential options.