Manufactured from solid FSC certified timber, this product which is designed for butterflies and moths, combines both a feeder and habitat for roosting and hibernating.
The attractively shaped ‘butterfly’ main body features retractable feed trays on either side and a removable central hibernating cassette. Each fold down feeding tray has a special easy-clean flexible plastic cup and a painted flower pattern which uses specialist ultra-violet attractor paint to attract butterflies. The trays are suitable for either Wildlife World Butterfly Food mix or a nectar solution. You can also offer small pieces of very ripe fruit.
When not in use and in the winter period, the feed trays can be rotated within the main body to provide greater insulation. The removable cassette, which simply lifts out can be removed for inspection and /or monitoring.
The Butterfly habitat feeder is most attractive and interesting product suitable for any wildlife garden.

  • Site the butterfly feeder/habitat in a sunny sheltered position, out of prevailing winds.


  • The nectar pots should be regularly filled with Wildlife World Butterfly Food with added vitimins or a sugar water solution. Feeding is especially effective in early Spring and late Summer when natural nectar is scarce
  • Regularly wash the nectar pots and replace the butterfly food to prevent build up of bacteria to which the butterflies may be susceptible
  • Offer over ripe fruit, the sweeter the better
  • Maintenance
  • The butterfly house is made from slow-seasoned timber which is naturally durable so does not require additional treatments.
  • Observation
  • You should see butterflies, hoverflies, bees and wasps drinking from the feeding cups. The over wintering chamber provides shelter for many beneficial garden insects such as lacewings, butterflies or ladybirds.