Not everybody’s favourite animal but an important part of our eco-system, bats are an accurate indicator of healthy bio-diversity and this Classic Bat Box will help them overcome some of the threats to their survival.

Well designed and robustly built, this bat box has a suitable single chamber roost suitable for most common British bats that’s ideal for most of the bats found in Britain and it’s been handcrafted from sustainable timber with a specially textured ladder entrance.

Site your bat box in south facing position as bats need a warm temperature to roost. Place your box about 5m high either on a pole or ideally in the eaves of a building. Site in March, just before bats return in the Spring. Your box is best sited near to trees or hedgerows as bats use these as a main source of food.

By placing 2 or 3 boxes in different facing sites you will increase the probability of attracting bats to your boxes.

Box Features:

Single Chamber

Suitable For Most Common British Bats

Textured Ladder Entrance


Made With Sustainable Timber

Weight 1411 kg