Flutter Butter® Pods x 3 Buggy (Jacobi Jayne)


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3 Flutter Butter Pods – Buggy Flavour

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Flutter Butter® Pods

A whole new way to feed garden birds.

Is it the nutty aroma? Or is it the down-to-earth goodness that birds sniff out? There’s something about Flutter Butter® that’s absolutely irresistible.
Now available in brilliant Flutter Butter® Pods, our no-salt peanut butter for birds is more versatile than ever. Offered in handy packs of three, each easy-to-handle Pod twists effortlessly into any of our Flutter Butter® feeders to create an instant feeding point.
Kind on the environment, empty Pods are widely recyclable.

  • Each Pod contains 170g of Flutter Butter®
  • Three flavours available – original, buggy and fruity
  • Compatible with all Flutter Butter® feeders
  • Empty Pods recyclable and great for storing bits and bobs


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