Product Description

New Recipe Autumn 2019 – Calcium Enriched to help keep your Hedgehogs healthy

Hedgehog tucker includes Sunflower Hearts, Suet, and Calci-Worms, plus calcium powder for healthy bone development.

Hedgehogs need extra support these days too – our nutritious mix will help attract them to your garden.

Although hedgehogs love mealworms, it has been found that they are not a good nutritional option, as they have a low calcium content, they are ok in small quantities as a treat, but think of them as the hedgehog equivalent to sweeties.

For this reason, we have now swapped the dried mealworms in our mix for Calci-Worms.

Calci-Worms (Black Soldier Fly Larvae) have a naturally high calcium content which is good for hedgehogs.

Not designed to be a complete meal, use a supplementary option.

Available in 1kg, 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg