Nature Oasis Bath and Drinker (Wildlife World)


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Nature Oasis is firstly a small bird bath, and secondly, an essential watering pool for wildlife.  So, if you are not lucky enough to have a wildlife pond, providing a vital water source for birds, bees, butterflies and small mammals in your garden just got easier.
Made from a new sustainable material called Polyboo, your Nature Oasis consists of a novel mix of 100% recycled plastic and natural bamboo fibres.  Recycling waste plastic into a durable product for your garden is an environmentally friendly option.  Furthermore, the addition of natural bamboo fibres give the Polyboo material flexibility. Better still, Polyboo comes with frost-proof guarantee.
Pollinators and delicate insects can safely access the water using the shallow steps of the small bird bath and drinker.  Nature Oasis has a decorative twist with a geometric pattern around the outer edge and finished in greeney-grey colour for a natural stone look.  You’ll be surprised that your small bird bath and drinker feels remarkably heavy and robust for its size.  Raising the small bath and drinker just a little above the ground, is the low integral pedestal.
Height: 55mm Diameter 300mm
Weight: 970g

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