Your garden birds need plentiful sources of calorie rich foods to maintain the energy levels required to raise young and thrive year-round. This blend contains added Sunflower Hearts, one of the highest calorie seeds available, and with the husks removed, your garden birds are getting all the goodness they need from one jar.

Peanuts are naturally high in calories and when blended into butter, make a tasty high energy treat. There is no added any salt in the recipe, ensuring that this blend is nutritionally balanced and safe for your garden birds.

Feed by removing the lid and placing the jar into one of our specialist feeders. Alternatively you can feed by sitting the jar securely on a bird table, or by smearing the peanut butter onto the trunk of a tree for more timid birds to find.

Being part of their natural diet, insects are a primary source of protein for your garden birds and this Peanut Butter includes dried insects for extra protein along with essential nutrients from tallow and peanut flour to help your garden birds year-round.
The glass jar contains 330g and is available in five varieties from CJ Wildlife

Note: Peanut butter intended for human consumption contains up to 100 times more salt than our specialist blend and should not be fed to garden birds or wildlife.