Scaly Legs is caused by a parasite mite, Knemidocoptes mutans. The mite usually burrows under the scales in the birds legs but may also infest other areas such as the comb or wattle of chickens. Scaly leg affects birds of all ages although older birds and feathered leg breeds tend to more susceptible.
Use Scaly Leg Ointment regularly on infested birds or as an ongoing deterrent. Scaly Leg Ointment provides instant relief against irritation.
Scaly Leg Ointment will not taint eggs.
Directions for use :
Use regularly as a barrier : Check new birds carefully and treat them as a matter of course before introducing them to clean birds. By direct application, generously massage into the legs, feet, comb and wattle and repeat every few weeks.
Where infestation exists : Isolate birds, treat as above but repeat every 5-6 days to break the egg cycle.
Precautions :
Wash hands after use. Keep tightly closed, in a dry safe place out of direct sunlight and freezing temperatures. Keep out of reach of children.
Weight: 400ml