Designed by Simon King, The Medusa Feeder defender is a Bird Feeder Protector that is perfect for small birds but discourages larger birds (Jackdaws, Rooks, Pigeons, Magpies etc.).

Some bird species, such as these larger birds, can clear out a seed feeder in a single morning, leaving nothing for the smaller bird species that visit your garden. The Medusa Defender has been designed to work with various hanging bird feeders.

After a short while, the smaller birds visiting your garden will learn to comfortably flit between the hanging chains and soon begin to use them as perches when approaching the feeder or waiting for their turn to feed. The bars on the top of the Defender also provide a comfortable staging post for small birds to perch and wait their turn. On the other hand, large birds dislike the feeling of the chains on their flight feathers, and most will soon give up on trying to feed on the protected feeder. Use a separate Medusa Feeder Defender for each feeder you wish to protect from larger birds.

Important : to have the desired effect the feeder must be of a standard type because obviously feeders with a wide tray defeat the object of the defender by providing a grab point

The defender was tested over 3 years where mobbing was a problem and provided safe feed zone for small birds

It will not defend against starlings (which need support) or that sized bird .


Site the Defender like a hanging bird feeder – away from nearby obstructions such as tree branches or bushes. Then hang your cylindrical seed, nut or fat feeder from the hook on the lower inside lid of the defender. For the defender to be most effective, ensure the bottom of your feeder does not hang lower than the bottom of the dangling chains.

Bird Feeder not included

Dimensions: 680 x 266 x 266 mm

Weight: 0.53 kg