Solar Night Feeder (Wildlife World)


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Have you ever wanted to be able to see hedgehogs and mammals feeding at night?  This solar powered Illuminated Hedgehog Feeder is specially designed by Simon to bring you this pleasure.
The illuminated ground feeder has a stainless steel tray with removable feeding and drinking bowls.  The Perspex archway serves the purpose of keeping the food sheltered and dry. Positioning the powerful solar light illuminates the scene. The frame is made from FSC-certified timber.

  • Designed and tested by Simon King OBE.
  • Made from highest quality materials.
  • Powerful solar light.
  • Easy to clean with removable ceramic feeding bowls.

You can feed hedgehogs with meat-flavoured cat food or biscuits, or buy proprietary hedgehog food. Please always leave out water and never milk.

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