Universal Bird Bath Stand (Wildlife World)


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The universal bird bath stand has adjustable bowl supports to accommodate bird bath bowls of various diameters.  The stand comes flat-packed and is simple to assemble by turning the locking wing nuts with your fingers, so no need for tools.
This clever design allows different bird baths styles to be raised up above ground level.  This is desirable if you have cats that may try to predate birds using a low level bird bath.  Another reason is to just to keep the water cleaner, as low level baths can attract leaf litter & require more regular cleaning.  Thirdly, raising the bath can mean you can get a view of the birds bathing from a favourite window.
A classic vine leaf design on the fold-out legs of the universal bird bath stand compliments most bird bath designs.  The stand is made in steel tube with a black power coat finish.  The bowl supports are finished with rubber covers to prevent your bird bath from slipping.
The stand height is 540mm, which is slightly variable depending on clamp positions to produce steady resting area for the bird bath.


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