Water is Life Bird Bath (Wildlife World)


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The Water is Life Bath and Drinker makes the perfect garden feature for birds, bees and other garden wildlife. The innovative step and slope design provide safe drinking for birds, bees and other pollinators and insects who like to sip from the shallow edges of pools. The ramps ensure that any creature that enters the water can get out with ease.

The lightweight and durable composite material, Polyboo, has been used to construct the bath and drinker, made from 100% recycled plastic and bamboo.

Polyboo gives the Water is Life birdbath the appearance of stone but is much lighter and tougher, making it easier to move and less likely to break.

Remember to regularly top up the water levels and give it a good clean to prevent algae build-up and maintain good bird hygiene, particularly during winter months where the risk of Avian Flu heightens.

Diameter: 400mm

Height: 125mm

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