We were delighted to have numbers of Greenfinches with us for the Easter weekend. The most I counted was 7, all arriving together and enjoying the Peckaballs and Peanuts


This is not the most attractive picture of Greenfinches, but it’s worth noting that head-on, they look rather unusual with  their wide beak gape!

Countryfile on TV this weekend had a very interesting report on the early Spring and featured a pond in Cumbria. The huge resident frog population were attracting hungry otters and a Heron , We blogged about the frogs in our pond last week and the fact that a Heron was visiting. What I didn’t know but can well believe after watching the programme is the fact that the croak of the frog during  the mating season can be heard up to 50 metres away!

Well Easter has been and gone and we cannot let it pass without a suitable Easter photo, so we share this with you  and hope it puts a smile on your face


Jonathan and Jackie,

29th March