Finch Mix



Note –  No sunflower seeds or hearts in this mix



A new mix with ingredients selected for your finches to enjoy

It is high in protein due to the canary seed and contains a selection of oilseeds which add antioxidants to the mix, as well as vitamins, minerals, and omega 3 fatty acids.

Also includes natural groats, known for their protein and fibre content, as well as around 30 naturally occurring wild seeds and grasses for their trace element content.


This a mixture of 3 finch mixes from Johnston & Jeff – British Finch, Siskin & Goldfinch and Bullfinch & Greenfinch – to appeal to all of your finch visitors

Ingredients: plain canary seed, niger seed, wild seed, black rapeseed, naked oats, linseed, hempseed, buckwheat, safflower seed, mawseed, yellow millet, japanese millet, red millet and vegetable oil

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