Ground Sanitising Powder is a safe non-toxic disinfectant powder for use in poultry housing to prevent the build up of parasitic worm eggs in faeces and other organic matter. It reduces the egg and larvae count to break the worm life cycle.
It is highly absorbent. When spread on faeces and organic matter it absorbs moisture causing parasitic worm eggs and larvae to die through dehydation. It’s disinfectant ingredients will kill germs, neutralise amonia and other noxious odours and help to deter flies.
Directions :-
Sprinkle powder over the run and inside housing and nesting boxes wherever faeces accumulates. Apply around pop-holes and around drinkers and feeders. There is no need to remove bedding and it is safe to collect and eat eggs. Apply liberally at a rate of 50g per sq.m. wherever faeces and organic matter are present.
Precautions :-
Keep out of reach of children. Do not apply directly onto birds. Do not contaminate feedstuff or drinking water.
Weight: 2kg