Hardwood Chippings


Available for local delivery in Cumbria only.  
Can take upto 3-5 working days to get in stock

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Hardwood chippings are ideal for outdoor runs, they rot very slowly, drain well, don’t go mushy and help keep the mud under control!  I use them in my chicken runs and only need to change once/twice a year, maybe a top up occasionally in between.  The chickens love to scratch around in them.
NOTE: Our chippings contain no bark, as this can harbour the aspergillus fungus – if this gets into poultry lungs and airsacs, it is almost always fatal as the spores can hide inside the airsacs where antibiotics have little effect.
The bags weigh approx 18kg – 20kg each.  As a guide, each bag covers approx 12-15sqft at depth of 2-3 inches.

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