Bats need habitats as many roosting areas have been lost over recent years. This bat box offers two chambers and a valuable high, capacity roost for various species.

It will fit into any garden, woodland, or house wall site. Made from solid, high-quality, durable FSC-certified timber provides longevity and excellent insulation—the narrow entrance slot and strong timber help to discourage predators. A swing panel allows for a licensed bat worker to clean if required.

The bat box should be sited high up between 2.5m and 5m on a building or mature tree using the pre-drilled back plate hanger. The ideal aspect is so the box receives only part sun during the day – facing north, south-west or south-east. If it is on an existing feeding or flight route, you are more likely to get an occupation.

PLEASE NOTE: Bats are a schedule 1 protected species under the Wildlife & Countryside Act.

It is illegal for any member of the public to disturb a roost, handle or kill any bat. Bat boxes, therefore, may only be inspected by a licensed bat worker. 

However, you can monitor your bat box without disturbance, look for mouse-sized droppings beneath the box as a clue to occupation or observe from a distance at dusk to see if bats are exiting the box to hunt.

Dimensions: 320 x 160 x 160 mm

Weight: 1.6 kg