It’s really important for our bird’s health, to keep feeders and feeding stations clean and clear of waste and old feed.  A clean feeding station will be one that your garden birds will love to return to time and time again.

It can be tricky to give many feeders the good scrub they need and ensure they are  thoroughly clean.  The innovative ring pull click seed feeders are designed to allow for stress free cleaning and refilling. So no more hassle when it comes time to refill your feeders with more bird food.

This feeder has a whole host of benefits that you don’t get with other feeders.

These include:

A simple yet clever design
Comes apart in one simple motion
Offers the easiest cleaning solution for bird feeders
A lifetime guarantee for your peace of mind
Perfect for dispensing blended seed mixes and sunflower seeds to attract a variety of garden birds.

Dimensions: 18cm x 6.25cm (7.1″ x 2.5″)