Developed in conjunction with TV’s naturalist and wildlife cameraman Simon King, he watched and photographed wildlife using his many years of knowledge.

The design principle is that Robins prefer an open-style nest box with easy access but also like to be concealed from the prying eyes of predators. The entrance is open, but the nest space is concealed behind the sidewall and covered by the roof.

Robins love to nest in sheds with 24/7 access or porches or on shelves in outbuildings. The nester is lightweight and is wired into a hedge or ivy or attached to a wall using the supplied spare loop of fixing wire. The brushwood nester base has a rattan landing platform with a low dividing wall separating the nesting or roosting space.

The Brushwood Robin Nester has previously won the Best New Product Design at GLEE in the Pet and Wildlife category.

The nester is also suitable for other bird species such as wagtails and spotted flycatchers which prefer the same style as an open-fronted nester.

Dimensions: 145 x 270 x 130 mm

Weight: 0.26 kg