Salburn Bird Table 145cm (Tom Chambers)


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Please note bird tables are available for local delivery only.

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The Salburn Bird Table is made from FSC certified wood, this elegant table features a slate roof sides and a large opening for easy access.

Finished in a traditional stain. Handcrafted in the UK, this sturdy table is built to last and is sure to be loved by the birds for years to come and is sure to become a focal point for your garden.

The roof of this table provides shelter to feeding birds from wind and rain, alongside preventing damage to food.

Suitable for feeding a variety of tasty treats, including seed mixesstraights and suet, this table is both a practical and decorative addition to any garden.

Position in an area where birds can easily access the bird table but where they wont be at risk of predator attacks.

Product Features:

Handcrafted from Swedish Redwood,

Genuine slate roof,

Provides shade and keeps feed dry,

Stands approx. 1.45m tall.



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