Scaled down to suit the size of a squirrel, this wooden Picnic Place provides wild squirrels with a surface area for their food. The tabletop is raised above the ground just like a picnic table to keep food away from muddy puddles.

By providing wild squirrels with their own food source will help to remove the need for them to take form bird feeding areas. So it may result in more visits to the garden from wild birds too as they’ll feel more secure to access their bird feeders.

This cute mini picnic table for squirrels will also establish a regular dining area which can be topped up with squirrel food all year round. By keeping the table topped up it may also prevent squirrels from digging up bulbs when natural food is scarce.

Easy to use, the table comes with a wooden mounting bracket so it can be attached to a wall, a fence or simply place it in a favourite spot in the garden.


  • Mini squirrel sized wooden picnic table for wild squirrel food
  • Provides a raised and open surface area for squirrel food that is easy to top up
  • Provides a unique food source for squirrels to deter them from bird feeders
  • Use to supplement a squirrel’s diet at times when food is scarce with this handy feeder
  • Mounting bracket included with 2 x wall plugs so it can be attached to a wall or fence
  • Can be used as a standalone picnic table for squirrels


  • Height: 22 cm x Length: 29.5 cm x Width: 20 cm
  • Please note, measurements are approximate