Squirrel Proof Protector Peanut and Suet Feeder (Walter Harrison’s)

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Perfect for preventing squirrels and larger birds from damaging feeders and stealing food. Provides smaller birds with a safe haven for feeding. Manufactured from strong metal components, they are durable and weather resistant and easy to fill and clean.

The Protector Feeder also provides smaller birds with a safe haven for feeding due to it’s predator proof design. The Protector Feeder frame and base is strong, durable and expertly made using powder coated steel and is complemented with the inclusion of the innovatively designed die cast aluminium Peanut and Suet Feeder, in traditional green finish. The feeder is suitable for year round feeding and is easy to fill and clean. 20cm

KEEPS SQUIRRELS OUT: Strong outer frame prevents accessing the inner feeder

EASY TO CLEAN: Allows you to keep it hygienic for those wild garden birds

DURABLE: Produced to the highest quality standard with long lasting metal materials

HANGING FEATURE: Allows you to hang from a feeding station or branch

EASY TO FILL: Just keep topping it up with ease for your garden birds

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