Ideal for smaller gardens which don’t provide much space for a variety of feeders, maximise your feeding with this ingenious triple feeder.

The large mesh feeder is for fat balls, the small mesh feeder is designed to hold peanuts and the seed feeder is transparent with 2 feed ports.

The sleek and stylish metal design boasts a sophisticated dark copper finish, sturdy base tray to catch any falling food and an overhanging roof/lid to protect food from rain. The strong wire hanging loop is suitable for hanging on a tree branch or feeding station.

Attract a wide variety of birds to your garden as you can attract a whole array of feathered friends who enjoy feeding from these 3 different bird feeds.

Easy to fill and clean


Dimensions: Height – 37cm x Diameter – 22cm.


  • Beautiful dark copper finish
  • 3 seperate feeders in one; seed, peanut and fat ball
  • Easy to refill and clean
  • Sturdy base tray
  • Overhanging lid (simply unscrew the hanger finial to remove the lid)