This attractive nest box is suitable for bluetits, marshtits, coaltits, wrens, great tits, sparrows etc.

Siting: The nest box should be sited on a tree, wall or garden fitting at least 1.5m – 2.5m above the ground, preferably in a place where cats and predators cannot access it. The ideal aspect is facing east, SE and NE are also fine. The box should be left empty as wild birds will bring their own nest material into the box.

Monitoring & Inspection: Nesting is most likely during April and May, and in the event of chicks hatching, there will be frenetic feeding activity by the parent birds. Take care not to disturb during this time as any intervention may result in the parent birds’ eggs or young being abandoned.

Maintenance: The nest boxes are made from slow-seasoned FSC timber and may be painted annually with matching water-based paints to maintain their appearance. To open, swing the brass catch to the upright position and pivot the nest box side by opening it at the bottom.


Dimensions: 245 x 215 x 175 mm

Weight: 825g

Materials: Combination of naturally durable wood such as Alder, Cedar and Hazel from FSC timber, stainless-steel

Colour: Green and natural wood

Special Features: Iconic design, hole protector