Another beautiful spring like day with lots of sunshine  but snow still sitting on top of Cross Fell.

The garden is full of Birds with 2 pairs of Blackbirds constructing nests  in a juniper and  a yew tree and Nuthatches taking up residency in one of the Bird Boxes. The frog spawn continues to increase in volume in the garden pond and I counted 36 frogs in the weed. All this activity has however attracted a Heron to the garden which is not surprising as frogs make up a significant part of their diet when available. Last year we dug out a marshy corner of our field which is fed by a spring and created a further wildlife pond. The plan is to transfer some of the excess frogspawn to establish a new colony and help build up the local population. Our collie dog Boo is fascinated by the frogs, but somewhat frustrated by the fact that they submerge themselves when she approaches! After a long morning of frog watching today, she curled up on a chair and caught up on her reading. See below!


I hope everyone has a great week!

Sunday 20th March