A big welcome to Dunkirk Diaries from Jackie and Jonathan, the owners of the Birds’ Bistro.

Why Dunkirk Diaries? – We have been writing about our home and the wildlife we share it with for several years and thought that some of our customers and visitors to the website would be interested in what will become a regular Blog.

‘Dunkirk’ is the name of our house where we have lived for almost 10 years now and is situated on a limestone ridge between Shap and Appleby at about 850 feet above sea level. We are not sure as to the origin of the house name, but it may be a derivative from ‘Dun’- old Cumbric for round grassy hill and ‘Kirk’ reflecting the fact that the Church in the form of Shap Abbey once owned much of the land around us. When we first came to view the house, we were met on the track by a red squirrel that peered into the car at us from its vantage point on the stone wall. We felt we were being inspected for suitability as new residents! Thankfully we passed inspection and we now share our home with a wonderful extended family of birds and animals which both amuse and amaze us in equal measures! We so look forward to sharing them with you!

Jonathan and Jackie

19th March 2016